E-learning trends of this 2017

The E-learning trends of this 2017. Like everything in this world, the online learning también sigue modas. This is partly in order to work in a friendly way with the main search engine., Google, but also so that the user experience is comfortable and that, of course, is adapted to the times.

As experts in consulting and creation of LMS e-learning platforms, we leave you the E-learning trends of this 2017.

What is carried in the matter of E-learning this 2017

Let's see the 9 E-learning trends of this 2017 more buoyant.

E-learning trends

Mobile Learning

This is, the use of platforms E-learning from mobile devices and, hand in hand with this, responsive design - and the tools that allow it- and the contents in friendly formats for smartphones and tablets.


In general, like content in small format, above all, short videos. Too, of course, schematized material, structured content pagination and, generally shorter topics.

A) Yes, content can be enjoyed in shorter periods of time and is proven to be better retained, This is one of the reasons why the E-learning is a trend this 2017.


Continuing with this post about E-learning trends in 2017 the video, in all its ways, is the resource par excellence in all skills and, of course, also in E-learning.

Both the content in audiovisual format and the classes via streaming, micro-videos and interactive videos they get along and are tremendously in demand.

E-learning platforms consulting Madrid

Virtual reality

Both the virtuous realityl how augmented reality is becoming part of E-learning in an increasingly marked way.

Social Learning

The social online learning It is highly valued due to the degree of social interaction that it entails and that is as beneficial for the human being as it is positive as a skill.

The content generated by the user as well as the curation are essential to work on the social aspect of this type of learning..


The Educational game is one of the best ways to learn. It is used at an early age in countries where education is the most efficient in the world, always with perfect results.

The very concept of computer or telephone is for many synonymous with games. Therefore, Including similar games and platforms makes learning closer and according to the type of device used.

Artificial intelligence

The adapted learning, chatbots and the rest of artificial intelligence elements are increasingly used and offer better results, positioning itself as one E-learning trend in 2017.

E-learning trends


Interaction is an essential today in any sector. In learning behind a screen it is essential since social limitations are more pronounced. What's more, interactive learning, more participatory is more effective.

E-learning decline

The E-learning as it was created is in frank decline. Of this there is no doubt and so much so that it is considered a trend.

And so far this post about E-learning trends in 2017, we hope it will be useful to you and if you have any questions please contact us, are experts in E-learning Madrid.

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