Web Design Trends for 2021

The vast universe of Web design has evolved a lot in recent years. The practice of this professional exercise resides in the symbiosis of creativity and technology, two of the areas with the greatest movement in the world. So, it is no surprise that new ones appear Web Design trends for 2021.

Discover Web Design trends for 2021

Although they will always exist various elements of web design that will never disappear as easy navigation, data security and fast loading times, the new fashions will not stop saying present and leaving without asking permission.

Even so, stay informed about the latest styles and innovations from the guild, could ensure that your website stands out within the digital ecosystem. The Web Design trends for 2021 promise to move us to a future full of science fiction. Don't you know them yet? On As De Ideas we encourage you to get to know them:

Dark mode

For a good time, white background was considered the only way to create empty spaces on a web page or in an app. Today the reality is different; and is that some designers began to add darker themes and elements until the dark mode trend marked a milestone in 2020 and will continue during this year.

This trend is used by currently big brands like Apple and Hublot. But, the fact is that dark mode represents a novel way to add a modern and elegant touch to any website.

Dark mode allows designers to better exploit their creativity, making the elements more visible and they can play with pastel and lion colors, which have become a fashion in the world of graphic design. What's more, Various studies have found that this new trend is ideal for saving battery life and does not affect eyesight much by reducing blue light projections..

Dark mode is one of the Web Design trends for 2021

Abstract art compositions

It seems incredible that the abstract forms, especially those with primitive geometric shapes like circles and squares, today be Web Design trends for 2021. At first glance they create the impression that they are simple figures, minimalist and restrictive, However, professionals in the area are incorporating them into complex compositions that convey rebellion and freedom.

As usual, these abstract art designs are used to replace stock photos and figure illustrations. These compositions are explosive; they feel energetic and the mix of vibrant colors is contagiously warm, resulting in expressive and lively websites.


The 2020 has given us a good lesson: sometimes it is necessary to flush all the rules down the toilet. Anti-design is catching on and has been fueled by the revival of brutalism in 2019.

This controversial style is making strong presence on social media and pop culture, including web design and graphic design.

For many, anti-design will be one of the Web Design trends for 2021 cruder and scarier, whose essence lies in winking at chaos and ugliness as a "whimsical" response to traditional design standards.

However, for others, this modality is an authentic work of art, being based on experimental and asymmetric designs, exaggeration, distortion and the use of elements that are not very showy, but what can make your website stand out from the competition.

Do we tell you the truth? This trend is not for everyone!!

Anti-design is one of the Web Design trends for 2021

Web design by causes

The 2020 it was a year of social and cultural transformation Y, although we still have a long way to go, the change has not been so negative.

Many physical businesses were forced to migrate to the digital ecosystem creating websites to stay afloat. The good news for them, is that the designers have lived up to, creating shocking designs based on social causes that, comprises from charts of Protestant character to campaigns advocating for racial justice, environmental and political.

The need to convey a powerful message will be one of the great Web Design trends for 2021; and is that this type of work will continue to be a tool to educate, empower and sensitize users on certain topics.


When evaluating the Web Design trends for 2021, professionals in the area seem to share a common point: instead of betting on following the rules of the game, web designers seek to break out of the stiff corsets of the past, mixing the daring with the ordinary like never before.

Tell us, from dark mode to web design by causes, What trends will you take for your website during this year? On As De Ideas we can give you advice and give you what you are looking for.

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