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At Asdeideas Madrid we have a team of professionals in the field of Social Media Marketing creating all kinds of work plans and strategies focused on positioning your brand on social media. We promote your activities, we attract new followers, we give feedback to users, we provide valuable content, we build customer loyalty…
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What is the Social Media Marketing?

The Social Media Marketing or SMM is one of the pillars of Online Marketing, since disseminating content on social networks is a very powerful way to publicize and enhance our brand in the online world in a closer and more transparent way. An effective management of social networks leads to an increase in visits to our website, as well as in more leads and contacts received.

Most of the social media allow us to create online pay-per-click advertising campaigns that for a very low cost compared to other types of media will allow us to reach a larger and better segmented audience. This is thanks to the enormous traffic of users who have activity on social profiles., making these platforms a very important recruitment and loyalty channel for companies.

At Asdeideas Madrid we are specialists in implementing the best strategies for Social Media Marketing to give feedback and draw attention to users in order to increase the number of visits and the reputation of the brand, making the websites more visible on the net so that potential clients looking for services related to the brand find us.

Social Media Marketing Madrid
Social media marketing
Social Media Madrid

Communication with customers and brand reputation

Clear objectives should be set in order to work on the brand reputation to medium / long term, something that will also allow us to be in contact and interact properly with our followers, suppliers and customers.

One of the reasons why good management of the Social Media Marketing is that it allows very easily and quickly to collect and channel feedback, the opinions and concerns of users, a very important added value that will allow us to improve the company's services or products, and in this way create positive feelings and customer loyalty to the brand.

Another advantage that the e-marketing is the ability to create original content, of value and viralisable that allows us to promote our services or products making them reach the target audience in the best possible way.

Today it is very important to enhance these social factors, since good management generally leads to an increase in sales and reputation compared to companies that do not implement it.

Social Media Strategy

It is essential to develop a social media management plan customized according to the needs and the proposed objectives. First of all, an audit is carried out on the presence of the brand in social communities, to then make a study of the main competence around its impact and its know-how.

The next step is to create and start managing the different profiles in the social media effectively and recurrently, with the intention of starting to attract new followers and generate more visits. You always have to set goals and once everything is underway, the plan will continue to be able to meet them.

All this work is oriented with the objective of improving the reputation of the brand in social networks and getting more followers and new clients that will lead to a sales increase and to better acceptance by users.

Social media management in Madrid