Principles and characteristics of the SCORM format for e-learning

This time, let's talk about the principles and characteristics of the SCORM format for e-learning, a resource for systems online content management how it helps the marketing online.

What is the SCORM format?

SCORM is an acronym that is formed from Sharable Content Object Reference Model. Its interpretation in our language comes to be something like a set of standards and specifications to create structured pedagogical objects.

What does the SCORM format offer us for e-learning?

Let's see what are the benefits of this resource.


When a management system incorporates content SCORM makes it possible for this to be imported to others that also support the standard. The place of creation does not matter, will be displayed on compatible systems.


The contents created in the SCORM format can be used again without problem, having the possibility to modify or expand if we wish or keeping it as is.

SCORM as an e-learning feature


This requires a less work and production times are reduced at the same time I know increases the quality of content by dedicating the extra time saved or simply complementing a content with an existing one.


The online courses created with this format have a very easy access for both tutors and students.

You have constant access to information about who is online, what does each person do at all times (both at the same moment as creating a record to consult it), if they have already been carried out Actions by the same student, the time spent in every matter, where in the lessons each one is, what remains to be seen and done, etc.

Many of these things can also be seen by the student.


This format used to create training content for e-learning platforms makes it possible for it to be consulted from any device, not limiting study to specific hours or forcing us to stay in one place.

If we have the required accreditations (password, Username, permits, etc) we can access all content from anywhere, thus facilitating training.


This is nothing more than the format SCORM for e-learning supports all kinds of technologies and is specially designed to combat technological obsolescence, being compatible with all those that are envisaged.

e-learning as a web for online courses


Its format allows us to create other content, new or different, easily, without having to depend on the platform where it is uploaded and used.

This for your part, you will be able to expand the functionalities, including more courses, allowing access to more simultaneous users, etc.

All these principles and characteristics of the SCORM format for e-learning make a significant savings situation occur. Savings at the level of content creation, from programming, of expenses related to face-to-face training (material, transport, etc) and also the time spent in these tasks.

This resource when creating and assembling content is so valuable that in Asdeideas Madrid we do not doubt for a moment that it would be our option when offering our e-learning services.

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