Create SCORM training pills for your moodle

The E-learning solutions have grown over the years, therefore the creation of SCORM training pills for your moodle it will be essential if you want the content to follow the online learning line that is so fashionable and so beneficial.

This implies that, after creating a content, this becomes. The result must be reusable, accessible, manageable, scalable, durable and interoperable.

For this to happen, we must work in different phases, including drafting and raw elaboration, correction, layout, intellectual property registration and, by last, conversion.


From simple content to creation of SCORM training pills

It is this last phase that serves so that any quality training material becomes content that fits the definition of SCORM, which implies that it can be imported into the learning management system.

Static content will become interactive, with the intention of being attractive and, of course, facilitate their internalization and learning.

Tools to create SCORM training pills

The ways to make this possible are as endless as professionals who execute it because we can even use tools created by ourselves.. Thus, what you really have to consider is with a software that includes reproduction of courses with responsive design.

On the other hand, we have to consider working on HTML5 pure, which is the easiest way to enable mobile access. Flash has long been forgotten and we must banish him from our plan as soon as possible, if you had thought to use it.

Content division

This must be offered in lessons or units (or any other concept that we consider and that bases the process on block learning). It must always be borne in mind that these will be displayed in a graphical interface where usability is the most important. Thus, the maximum structuring of the contents is always recommended, even within the units themselves, with obvious differentiations for sections, buttons, information on progress within the lesson, etc.

To make it, do not forget to include resources as cover, conceptual map that serves to delve into the subject, the content itself, structured according to the information that is being given, activities, summary or summaries and final control evaluation.

Interaction resources

An essential point for the creation of SCORM training pills for your moodle to be successful is to achieve the interaction that this type of resource intends. To offer it, consider the following aspects:

  • Avoiding static as much as possible makes the student focus his attention more.
  • Conceptual maps. Ideal to know where we are in each lesson, what are we going to see and how is it related.
  • Zoom for images. Simple but effective; causes interest and curiosity and, as u vez, allows us to create highly descriptive images to be inspected.
  • Monitoring menu. An interface that allows you to scroll through the content and know where you are, how many uprisings are left, etc.
  • Links (edit), bibliography and glossaries. You will be able to offer the student extra resources so that they can continue to cultivate and learn more about the subject, about authors…
  • We must offer essential indications so that the student knows how to handle completely in moodle.
  • Control and self-assessment issues. Some questions are raised throughout the content regarding the information immediately above and, of course, self-assessment test at the end of lessons and even all the training content.

Another resources. They are those that offer a different approach to the main methodology (law reading, realization of practical assumptions, attachments…).

That is scorm

And so far our post from creation of SCORM training pills for your moodle. Did you find it useful? If so, do not hesitate to contact us to let us know and comment on your doubts and opinions.. Regards and until next time!


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