Tips to improve usability and web design

Tips for improve usability and web design. The first step to be taken in order to improve usability and web design is to know what these mean.

The web usability It is a measure that is taken to know the quality of the user experience on a website. We can measure this through a study between the web and those who use it., thus determining the efficiency and effectiveness of the elements that can be seen through the screens.

On the other hand we find the Web design, this is an activity that lies in the implementation, planning and designing a website.

These two concepts, They are very important when developing and improving the user experience on the website, as well as to gain leads or keep customers. Once these two concepts are known and understood, we will internalize the main tips for improve usability and web design.

Usability on websites

Tips to improve usability and web design

In simplicity is beauty

What was said, the simplest draws attention, and more so now that we are in an era where minimalism predominates. Besides that at first glance it is better for the user, for the page is also better, since we can find certain advantages:

  • The fewer items you have, less you will have to review.
  • When creating a responsive website, if it is simple, it will be better adapted to all platforms.
  • Shorter loading time.
  • Thanks to the previous point, also improves positioning.

Therefore, don't show more than you should in a Web design, make them have the essential information, and if they want to know more about you they just have to contact you.

The three color rule

Our brand image it is of a predominant color, a color that we apply to each and every one of our campaigns or that we simply want to convey.

Aspects of web usability

Well, it must exactly be like this on our website. It is simple, your brand color will be the predominant color, then we will use a secondary color to understand the information and finally, we will use a contrasting color for calls to action.

There's no more, it's easy and you have to follow this rule to the letter.

The "matrioshka" on the web

We have all had or know someone who has had a matrioshka in his house. Those famous Russian dolls that inside of them there is another exactly the same but smaller.

Well then, here is the similarity with our website, main elements should be seen as main and superior to other elements with the naked eye. Each element must convey the importance that each one of them has to the users. With this fact there will be no confusion when browsing the website.

We can achieve this through font sizes, since many of the "sitesThe most important ones recommend differentiating the elements according to their size..

Don't let the user get lost

Improve web design and usability

The structure of the information is very important on a web page, That is why you have to take it into account and know how to use it in the best possible way.. If you want to have a web page in which the user enjoys browsing, you must:

  • The user can return to the main website without any problem.
  • Have, to the sum, 4 depth levels.
  • All web pages must be interconnected with each other.
  • If there is any loose, for some reason, indicate that it is "no index" so that the crawl pages verify it as such.

If you take these tips to improve usability and web design, and apply them to your website, rest assured that they will work for you. They are simple, easy to apply and very decisive. We hope it has helped you, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. See you in the next post.

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