What is the best platform to do online courses?

The Online training it is more and more present in our lives, and what to say these last weeks, for many an outlet and a viable resource for make good use of time at home. To upgrade, change jobs or put into practice that hidden skill that you never thought you would have the opportunity.

The most advanced platforms for online courses

Domestic: Domestika is great online creative community, but it not only serves as a platform where you can exchange ideas, seek inspiration or employment. It also offers a long list of courses that encompass creativity from all fields; illustration, marketing online, Photography, design, animation and 3D, craft, calligraphy and architecture, among others. The best thing about their courses is that they are taught by professionals in their sector, as if it were a master class, they are very well edited and combine video with external downloadable material, a question forum with your teacher and even a downloadable certificate once you have successfully passed the course. The duration of their courses ranges from 3–8 hours and prices range from € 10 to € 19.

In Learning: Linkedin is the social network for ambitious professionals by excellence. Although its birth is almost 20 years, relatively recently that in Spain we use it on a daily basis. The main purpose of this social network, is to put in contact and establish collaborations between qualified professionals. One of its latest implementations was the IN LEARNING, online courses aimed at different professional fields, with different levels of difficulty and in multiple different languages. His scheme is very interesting, since it divides the courses between Business, Creativity and Technology. And within each of the areas you have the option of Theme (theory on a subject in which you want to train), Software (learn or improve the use of some applications such as Excel, InDesing or AutoCAD) e Learning paths (practical guide to becoming a professional in a specific field). The courses last between 30 minutes to 5 hours. And to access them you have to be Premium (around € 30 per month).


Platforms for taking free online courses

Mooc: Would you like it take a program taught at a university located on the other side of the world? Mooc makes it easy for you. You can choose from more than 870 different universities, Harvard or Yale level. The Moocs are courses that you can manage at your own pace, from any online device and also practice other languages. Its courses that are categorized by different areas such as science, Personal development, design, education, humanities, engineering, math, business, programming and health among others, have an average duration of 30-40 hours (5-7 weeks). Once you finish them, you can get a certificate and upload it to Linkedin. The best thing about these courses is that they are totally free.

Youtube: It is the jungle of online courses. You can find very specific courses, general courses, great professionals and people who have no idea. If you do a good search, with a little discretion you can unmask the good from the bad easily. Learn about programming, marketing, Languages, beauty, sport, nutrition and everything you can think of. YouTube is a great platform where many good professionals share their knowledge for free. If you want to stay informed about all the news in the world of e-learning and online marketing, do not hesitate to visit our blog!

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