How to manage a blog successfully? Part 2

Going back to the interesting post from a few days ago, Today we are going to finish telling you what are the steps to follow and the considerations to take into account for manage a blog successfully.

The points that make your blog work

We continue to reel off other essential aspects to achieve this feat. Let us remember that previously we had talked about certain previous questions that we should ask ourselves as well as the way to get ideas that succeed.

Type of content for a blog

We are talking about how to have good ideas. Now it's time to transform them into content.

Manage blog successfully

And what kind of content triumphs? It is important to know that as the days go by, Google reward one type or another of content. The general, what you have to do is always offer something useful to the reader, so that you truly feel that the reading was worth it. Some ideas that are currently very well positioned and that meet this premise are:

  • Listings: The listings are easy to read, they provide a lot of information and can attract attention if we use attractive tails.
  • Tutorials or step by step: Perfect for Google to like since we help the reader. With the tutorials we solve a problem, something that is highly valued. Yes indeed, if you are going to do a step by step do it well; if it is not going to deepen or the steps are not understood, look for other content because not only do you not give a solution but the user will feel cheated and having wasted their time.
  • Collaborations and guests: From time to time it would be convenient work with a benchmark in the sector, either by interviewing him or by letting him, directly, create an entry to your liking. This is ideal because you are going to get loyal readers to those collaborators.; what's more, Your invitees will promote the entry in which they participate so they are already part of the dissemination work.
  • Tips or Tricks: The particularities, what nobody notices, alternative uses ... Give the user more; you will love.
  • Studies: The studies are very interesting, especially if, what's more, you include your conclusions What professional in the web design sector of what you are distributing.
  • Series: The series of posts are a very good resource for manage a blog successfully because they offer a lot of information but, by giving it in doses, we do not feed the reader. This allows us to go deeply into a topic, more than the competition and, what's more, if the content likes, we will have the user waiting for our next publication.
  • Guides: The guide is just an extension of a tutorial. We not only talk about the step by step to achieve something but also,In addition to the fact that these steps are much more elaborate, we add other content as reasons to do so, alternatives…

Make money with your blog

At this point you may wonder if Earn money with a blog Y, effectively, that's how it is. You have to work a lot without getting anything at first, namely, spend time, esfuerzo posiblemente cierta inversión. However, there are many ways that your blog can add money to your account.

Make money with a blog

  • Advertising: As your visits increase, you can opt for a typical advertising formula Adsense. Ads appear on your website, people click and you get paid.
  • Patronage: As you gain presence in your niche, other firms will pay for you to include links on your site or write about them.
  • Own products and services: Although not all your blog should be dedicated to direct promotion, mention and link your product, making tops and other content in which it has a place will make the user interested and may buy.
  • Partners: Your wisdom and your presence will make you end up having new partners with whom you will collaborate, they will invite you to give talks, etc.
  • Affiliates: Affiliates are a good choice for earn money passively since you only have to include a purchase link and, if the user ends it, they pay you a percentage.

And here for today. Later, if you are interested in this type of reading, we will finish our post series on how to run a blog successfully. We still have two very important points so stay tuned!

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