E-learning solutions company Madrid

Asdeideas is proposed as a e-learning solutions company Madrid notable. Our professionals as well as the years of experience and the results obtained by our clients with our services make us the most recommended in the community..

However, behind these words there is a work that is what makes us become referents in e-learning solutions in Madrid but, Yes indeed, operating nationwide.

E-learning solutions Asdeideas Madrid

Our e-learning consulting in Madrid It is an example in terms of training solutions as well as a benchmark in the inclusion of quality educational pills adapted, of course, what your company needs.

Our premise is to offer a completely personalized service in which your company and its needs and possibilities are the basis by which we guide ourselves and the reason why we work.

You plan e-learning You may have more goals than you think and we help you achieve them all.

e-learning solutions Madrid

How do we do it?

What professional e-learning solutions company in Madrid, our methodology is the most complete, effective and whose results are the best in the sector.

This includes, of course, all the necessary steps to offer true quality e-learning solutions.


The first step is to know what the training needs of the company are as well as analyze other aspects.


Taking into account these needs as well as the client's own resources, a pedagogical treatment is proposed that best adjusts to the expectations and possibilities..

We create and modify online learning platforms, and we shape the proposed content.


Known the content and the container, They begin to be shaped by looking for the design more in order to the corporate image of the company, always prioritizing the usability of the site.


Obviously, Before finishing our work, we put the created platforms into practice and check that everything goes smoothly.. And if it is not the case we work on it until we get it.

LMS e-learning solutions Madrid

What products do we offer for e-learning LMS?

For our services to stand out it is necessary offer a complete catalog that gives solution to everything that any client may need.

Personalized online courses

We take care of design e-learning content focused on the needs of each project, giving the necessary focus in each situation while always making creative proposals that encourage students to interact with the platform one hundred percent.

The SCORM pill that you need you will have it in your LMS online learning platform in the blink of an eye, always available.

Open training platforms

The MOOC open platforms they are integrated into the CMS Worpress improving usability for both students and teachers, being able to manage content more easily.

Moodle Madrid platform design

Moodle training platforms

The Moodle training platforms they are virtual sites where a true organization by classrooms is created, with their courses, own content and activities.

We include design, organization of workspaces, import of all content, creation of both the different classrooms and training courses and we manage the roles and users within the LMS platform.

This is the only way a company that offers e-learning solutions in Madrid can work both locally and nationally offering the best results.

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