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self-manageable web design Madrid

On Asdeideas Madrid we know that some of our clients want to autonomously carry the content of their website. For this reason we offer a service of self-manageable web page design. With this service we want to give you the opportunity to carry out the maintenance and the changes that you think are appropriate in your Web page.

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Take control of your website

What web design experts,We know that the greatest advantage of this type of self-managed websites is that with your own user you can make all kinds of updates, blog entries, new pages, change images, add products or services, and much more. The manageable web pages are made with the CMS content manager Wordpress due to the ease of managing its back-end.

This type of website involves saving both money and time, since you will not depend on third parties to make changes to your website, but you can do it yourself where and when you want. This allows good control and maintenance on the web., thus offering the option of having it always updated.

Don't worry if you don't have knowledge about website management with WordPress, since since Asdeideas Madrid We will help you to be totally autonomous thanks to our advisory and consulting service.

self-manageable web design Madrid
Self-manageable web development madrid

Manage your corporate blog

One of the most powerful tools for Marketing Digital are the corporate blogs, ideal for creating and publishing new content, tool that will serve to communicate to visitors everything related to your company, your products, the news of the sector, activities you can do, etc.

Thanks to the self-management of your website you can create and publish all the information you want. In addition to helping to retain your customers, it can help you attract new.

In order to help you with your blog, We will take care of introducing all kinds of plugins and extra functionalities that may be useful, such as those related to the SEO web positioning or social networks.

What does your self-managed website?

Manageable web pages

Self-manageable area

Modify and manage your portfolios or the blog of your website thanks to a very intuitive and easy-to-use specific area. Check the visits and a set of different statistics of your website.

Portfolio and blog

Write articles on your blog and show everyone your work thanks to the portfolio. The advantage of being a self-manageable web is that you can update them whenever you want.

SEO Ready

We design your website with SEO positioning in mind, We also install the best plugins on the market that will help you control the SEO of your website.


Thanks to the implementation of the sliders, your website will be much more dynamic. They are also a great tool to highlight things, whether they are products, offers or different activities that you want to offer on your website. In this case, since it is a self-manageable website you can edit them to your liking. It is very simple!

Contact Form

In your new website we will include a contact form so that your clients can contact you the 24 hours of day during 365 days of the year and from anywhere in the world. This allows you to be closer to your customers and offer them a better service.

Online store

If you intend to sell products on your website we will include a section on Online store where you can control which products you sell and which ones you don't, your prices, the stock, etc. Also, the positive thing about e-commerce is that… They never close!

Google Maps

Show your clients where you are located. Thanks to the possibility of including an interactive map from Google Maps.

Photos and videos

You can upload all kinds of massive files whenever you want, photos, videos, etc. Allowing you to have the web updated at all times.