Packaging graphic design and its importance in marketing

The conviction that the first impression is key in the way people perceive an object (even other people) has prompted brands to pay special attention to graphic packaging design for your products. Have you been wondering what is the first thing you see when buying a soap?? Surely the package in which it is wrapped, truth? Well creating attractive packaging is a powerful marketing tool.

Keys to packaging graphic design and how important it is in marketing

That a product has a eye-catching and memorable presentation will have a positive effect on the perception of your potential customers. In fact, this may or may not make consumers come back for your product.

On marketing, it is more than proven that the graphic packaging design of a product is extremely important. Read on and you will find out why.

packaging design

The many functions of a product package

A product package is designed for multiple purposes. Take a look at some of their uses and functions:

  • Protection: One of the main uses of packages is to protect products. In other terms, physically protect the merchandise from damage caused by environmental factors such as humidity, the dust, temperature changes, etc.
  • Transmit information: Packaging is a primary resource to inform the customer about the product. Often, like labeling, is used to share information related to instructions for use and storage, give warnings or specify ingredients.
  • Comfort: a product must be protected at the time of transport, distribute, be stored and consumed. Create a good Packaging will make the handling process more comfortable and efficient for all parties involved (manufacturers, retailers and consumers).
  • Safety: high-quality packaging also protects products from foreign substances or possible alterations to the product itself.

Packaging as a marketing tool

Effective packages allow brands attract consumers, but also, they can serve as tools that distinguish your product among a variety of options that are also available to consumers.

Good packaging is capable of adding value to a product. Of course, there are some techniques of graphic design de Packaging that can be used to ensure excellent results. Here we share some keys so that you can create packages that guarantee positive results:

Chocolate Packaging Graphic Design

Must capture the attention of customers

A package should generate a reaction of “love at first sight”In consumers. This does not mean that you have to show off a loud or bright design., However, it is important that it is unique in some way or another.

Sometimes, simplicity can be the element that differentiates it from others. Although there are other factors that allow it to be distinguished from the rest, such as its shape, combination of colors or their texture.

The brand name must be clear and legible

It is vitally important that the packaging of your product attract more attention to your brand than to the product name. Normally, customers don't buy a product if they don't know who they're buying from, so clearly show the name of your brand or the Logo it is a good marketing strategy to generate a lasting effect on consumers.

If you sell cookies, it is not necessary to emphasize the product you are selling in large letters, but the brand name.

Indicate the benefits of your product

The consumption of your product can offer certain benefits to your potential customers. Packaging must also do allusion to these benefits because it could be the element that drives sales. For example, highlighting on the packaging if the product is organic may be decisive when it comes to selling.

Design with your target audience in mind

Your brand must figure out who the product package is designed for or who do you want to impress. In case your target audience is young people, It is recommended that you make a more abstract and modernist design.

Now suppose your audience is older people, the best thing is that the design is clear and specific. Make a graphic packaging design for a specific audience it is not so simple, but sometimes it is necessary to follow certain criteria.

Environmental considerations to take into account when designing packaging

In this modern age where it is betting on the development of more environmentally friendly products, there are certain ecological factors that all companies should take into account when designing a package. In this way, your brand will align with the global need to avoid pollution and preserve the planet..

Let's look at some environmental considerations that your brand should take into account when creating a package for your product:

  • Make sure it's easy to dispose and show instructions about it.
  • Avoid the excessive use of plastic to package the product.
  • chooses recyclable materials or reusable.

environmentally responsible packaging


We have shown that how you display your product is just as important as its own performance., even the appearance of the package could determine the success or failure of your sales.

Definitely, the graphic packaging design acts as an attractive element of a product, so it is essential to apply yourself and pay attention to every detail to make a big impact on consumers.

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