Color design to create an accessible website

When we design a web page there are many things to consider and that, sometimes, from outside, they are not known or are not considered important. Of all the resources we have (that are not few) today we will focus on the color design to create an accessible website.

What color to use for my web page?

curiously, something we have to consider first is the amount of vision defects that are related to color. Enclosed as daltonismo, we have the achromatic, the monochrome, la protanopia, the deuterabopia, tritanopia and trichromatic. They are all types of color blindness that differ in perception of one or the other tones either due to defects in the eye cones, absence in their pigments or absence of photoreceptors.

Obviously, if users suffer from any of these problems, your perception of our logo, of the combination of colors chosen for our site and others, they will lose the meaning we were looking for. Our objetive, even if it is a very small sector of the population, is to work the color so that don't be a problem or a blunder for people with color blindness.

Accessible web color design

How to approach color design to create an accessible website?

To make your site accessible from this point of view (never better said!), we always consider:

  • Work the contrasts: Similar tones and subtle graphics are not really suitable. Although well worked, offer a very elegant result, not useful if you can't see it properly. Thus, you have to learn to work the contrast; it is more difficult to achieve elegance and seriousness but training and experience allow us to achieve it. The minimum ratio to work with must be 4.5:1 Y, of this, onwards.
  • Name the colors: When a color matters (for example, in a ecommerce of footwear), do not hesitate to include the name of the color where you best consider; the more detailed, best. In this way, you make sure that the person "is being aware of what he sees”.
  • Detailing with black: Certain important details of your site must be written in black or very neutral tones, especially notices and, of course, the most basic information. What alerts some of us with a simple red color for others may go unnoticed.

Color accessible website

  • Offer alternatives: If you have the means and you want it, look for who works in the UI of your website to offer information of interest adapted.
  • Work tools: For us, who take care of your website, there are certain tools for color design Y, of course, we use them to ensure that the result of our work is an accessible website. There are software that, adding the colors to use, they indicate us, in a note, the accessible of the whole. There are also creators of color palettes showing the compatibility between the ones you choose.

Definitely, there is much we can do in terms of color design to create an accessible website. You just have to be aware of this aspect and develop it properly.

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