How to design a collage with Photoshop?

Photoshop is a powerful tool that can help you do wonders when you want to generate a great impact on users with your marketing campaign. Something like making a collage could help your company differentiate itself from the competition.; awakening the interest of Internet users, attracting more traffic and increasing the conversion rate. Sounds good, truth? But, ¿how to design a collage with Photoshop? There are some keys to positive results.

Discover how to make a collage with Photoshop

We can currently see a variety of collage layouts that can guide you towards achieving your goals, However, there is a prerequisite for your design to be attractive: the creativity.

Of course, just giving your imagination free rein is not enough, be creative and thirsty to know the process of how to design a collage with Photoshop, also there are a series of rules to take into account when integrating the different elements of the piece. Take note!

Define the message you want to convey

When you don't have a definite message it is very difficult to know where to start or where to go. Nevertheless, establishing a theme that allows you to follow a path to structure and choose the right images is very important to capture the attention of users and communicate an idea.

A collage is an explosion of elements so it is not a bad decision to explore new things to see what results can be obtained, but having the previously defined message will make the whole creative process easier.

Pay attention to the composition

You may know what you want to convey with the collage and that you have selected the best images, but If you do not apply the correct composition, the design will not be coherent and everything will be a disaster.

This is a basic rule that you should consider when learning to how to design a collage with Photoshop. Yes, it is wise to play with the elements, However, you have to apply some composition technique so that your piece is harmonious and pleasing to the viewer.

Our advice? Try various angles and determine the direction of movement in the collage.


Use colors and combine them appropriately

Just as it is important to define a message before getting down to business, it is also necessary set which color palette to use. And it is that the color combination is the component that will allow to create an atmosphere in the collage, guiding composition, the contrasts and giving it a better sense.

When making your choice take a look at the new tendencies because they may be the best option. But don't rule out the possibility of playing with a single color using different shades and filters that help create a specific atmosphere that makes it easier to capture the message..

Apply contrasts to attract viewers

Using contrasts is an essential step to attract the attention of potential clients. And it is that when talking about how to design a collage with Photoshop there is always that haccentuate contrast, because it helps create tension in the piece, making it more attractive to the naked eye. This applies not only in graphic design, also in the world of cinema, the photograph, even in architecture.

One way to apply contrast to your collage is use matching colors. You can also use black and white and incorporate a color that gives more life to the design. As you will see, it is important to explore with the elements and test which formula works.

That the textures and patterns are not conspicuous by their absence

Making a collage is not just a matter of adding images, colors and letters, the textures also add an added value to the work. Why not combine jeans textures with crumpled paper textures? O Is it a good idea to mix a photograph with a plastic texture? These are proposals that can help you make a difference and offer a unique and innovative piece. Don't limit yourself when experimenting!


Say yes to geometric patterns

Anyone who wants to learn more about how to design a collage with Photoshop you should pay attention to the issue of using geometry in your piece, since it has an effect similar to contrast when you want to capture attention and look more pleasant to the human eye.

The key to hitting the target when using geometry is eUse matching geometric patterns or that they manage to create a sequence between them. In the end, the most inventive and eye-catching collages are what convey an unreal or unusual feel.


A well-crafted collage can act as promotional material that provides versatility to your company; And it is that surely you can use it as a cover image in some social networks such as Facebook, as well as use it on your blog and much more.

It is worth knowing the process of how to design a collage with Photoshop; as this will allow you to cause a greater impact and strengthen the image of the company by transmitting a message in a different and creative way.

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