Tips to create the color palette of your website

Do you need to create your corporate image in Madrid? Have you just started and don't know where to throw? We warn you that there is much to do, we are not going to fool you. Yes OK, let's go little by little and, for example, we'll start with some tips for create the color palette of your website.

Create the color palette of your website: Step by Step

Let's see the three points you should consider and why.

Choose three colors

Do not worry. This does not mean that we are only going to use those three or that it will be the definitive ones.. However, sure that, depending on the sector in which you fall, of your activity and your products and the ideas you have for your business, have you already thought of something.

Don't worry because we are starting; after, if it is what is needed, you will add others. Now we are looking to start the project.

Keep in mind that you color principal is going to represent more or less a 60% of all your designs. Then you will have a secondary color that occupies the 30%. The 10% remaining corresponds to accent color.

As usual, cool color is associated with greater professionalism, Yes OK, can become hostile and depersonalized. The warm ones, by cons, project creativity and personality but would stress. Knowing this information, it will be your decision to choose a combination according to what you need. Our advice is that there is a very good balance to be fully accessible.

Choose website colors

It is necessary to know the psychology of color and what each of them represents to make the user see what we want to project.

  • Fun, jealousy, optimism.
  • Creativity, change, nervousness.
  • Force, danger, passion.
  • Courtesy, charm, tenderness.
  • Luxury, boredom, extravagance.
  • Responsibility, security, feather.
  • Nature, esperanza, uncertainty.

Are they what you need?

The next thing will be to perform the verification to confirm that the choice truly identifies our project. For it:

  • Bright colors. When in doubt, opt for the shiny ones, this is, that do not contain a large part of black or white in their composition. The color with glitter is cooler and more dynamic, besides being light. Charge less and animate more, which translates into a greater permanence of the user in front of our content without getting tired.
  • Color on background. Another essential point to consider will be to see how your colors work on the black and white backgrounds, which are the most common. That the case palette in white is quite simple, what is complicated and at the same time worth mentioning is that it does it equally both on this as in the case of working on a black background; Always look for this condition!
  • Work black and white. We have already worked on them, now is the time to use them in combination with the palette. For it, try combining them with the colors where you think having just these three would be too intense. You will also have to create gradations and transparencies.

Web color combination

Take a look at the trends

Finally, We can't help but advise you to keep an eye on the color trends. Sincerely, this is totally secondary advice, then, after all, they are things that go out of style. If you really feel identified with what is carried, go ahead! But only if it is the case. Do not make this decision just because you like it in a moment because tomorrow it will no longer be like that and, obviously, it is not appropriate to change corporate image Every two for three.

So far this week's post, remember that if you have any questions you can contact us 🙂

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